Tom’s Fave Is Rio But It’s Not Even Pixar aka Dan’s Delightful Disney Quiz

The Above Average Sports Quiz Thing returns with a twist – taking on anything BUT sports quizzes for the season!! There’s a special guest host bringing us a delightful quiz on all things Disney related as Tzevai, Tom and Will go head-to-head for the whole season. There’s the usual dedications, very little feedback and of course, a wheel song and a quiz!

  • Can Tom string a sentence together?
  • Can Tzevai power through with his Covid brain?
  • Is Will going to have to hold the podcast together on his own?
  • Most importantly, will the listeners enjoy it more without any sport?!

We hope you enjoy the new season. Don’t forget to leave us a rating, review or feedback wherever you can! Enjoy!

Many thanks to DAGEM Power Ltd for sponsoring the podcast for another season!