When’s My Wife’s Birthday? aka The Season Three Opener

It’s the opening episode of Season Three of The Above Average Sports Quiz Thing and we’ve got a familiar face joining as Jon returns, fresh from his Season Two opener appearance – but this time he’s setting the quiz for the team!

  • Will Tom’s second jab give him extra quiz powers?!
  • Has Will written down Ellen’s birthday now?! (We hope he has…)
  • Can Tzevai cope with answering more questions instead of asking them?!
  • Most importantly, will they be above average?! (SPOILER: You’ll need to wait until the end of the season to find out like the rest of us!)

You’ll be able to play along with the quiz on Sporcle very soon – once Jon’s figured out how to create it on there! Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to leave us a rating, review or feedback!

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