Faster, Larger, Longer aka The Best Of Humanity, Records And Such

Following on from the guest host in episode one, The Above Average Sports Quiz Thing welcomes Ross for his debut appearance as he sets the team a challenging quiz (which he knocked together in the afternoon before recording!). Not only is he hosting, he’s brought a sexy powerpoint presentation for it as well…

  • What wheel song treats has Tom got in store?!
  • Whose birthday has Will forgotten this week?!
  • Will Tzevai regret mentioning Kabaddi?!
  • Most importantly, will they be above average?! (You’ll need to wait until the end of the season – again!)

You’ll can play along with the quiz Ross has set over on Sporcle and contribute towards the average score the team need to beat! Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to leave us a rating, review or feedback!

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