Turbo Shandy And Sex With A Sheep aka Sport Trivia Time

The Above Average Sports Quiz Thing are back for another multi-sport quiz challenge. Will is still abroad, although he’s technically ‘home’ (it’s complicated…but not really) and his clearly gutted that it’s not another #Olympics quiz, while Tom and Tzevai are living their best lives in God’s Country!

  • How many Turbo Shandies can Tom get through in one episode?!
  • Is Will rustling on purpose because it’s not an Olympics quiz?!
  • Did Tzevai complete all of Jo’s postage admin in time for the recording?!
  • Most importantly, will they be above average?!

You’ll can play along with the quiz over on Sporcle and don’t forget to leave us a rating, review or feedback wherever you can! Enjoy!

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