Faster Than Alexa, SQUAT! aka A British Family Quiz Sport 1

The Above Average Sports Quiz Thing are nearing the end of season 5 and they’re really getting on with it! Will is sporting something trashy, Tom is standing in case he sits and can’t get back up, and Tzevai takes on Amazon (well Alexa…). There’s also a spot of Welsh for the listeners 🙂

  • Can Tom complete his 100 squats for the day?
  • Can Tzevai still compete against technology in mental arithmetic?
  • Did Will watch some rugby on the weekend or something?
  • Most importantly, will they be above average??

You can find the quiz and have a go yourself on Sporcle, and don’t forget to leave us a rating, review or feedback wherever you can! Enjoy!

Many thanks to DAGEM Power Ltd for sponsoring the podcast, they’re hiring you know? 🙂

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